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Our History, Our Mission, Our Values

About NY Metro CU Alumni Association

The mission of this association is to maintain the spirit of the University by engaging in closer fellowship among graduates, former students, administration, friends, and supporters of Claflin University.

  1. To promote scholarship, development, education, and culture.
  2. To maintain in the alumni a sense of responsibility for the continued life and growth of the University and its traditions.
  3. To organize Alumni Chapters
  1. Recruiting students for Claflin University
  2. Encouraging alumni and philanthropic contributions for Claflin University
  3. Creating an awareness of Claflin University in the community and at large.
Our Dedicated Members and Volunteers

Meet the NY Metro CU Alumni Association Team

Mrs. Shirley L.C. Johnson


Mr. William “Jesse” Johnson

Vice President

Mrs. Ursula C. Hunter


Dr. Shamva Wright-Shingler

Membership/Scholarship Chairperson

Mr. John Young

Regional Director

Mrs. Mary J. Wright

Vice President


Mrs. Cathy Barnes

Mr. Ralph B. Cooper

Mrs. Jessie Oliver- Cook

Ms. Heather Jenkins

Mrs. Jacqueline R. Lemon-Denton

Mrs. Vonda W. Morton

Mrs. Cynthia Pauling

Ms. Shalonda Profit

Shakera Bennett

Shaneiqar Culver

NY Metro CU Alumni Association

We are always happy to hear from our community of Claflin University's alumni, friends and supporters.